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Our quality range of products is available for personal use but we also invite upcoming traders, wholesalers and distributors to partnership with us. Our distribution chain is expanding locally and constantly where we are adding new countries and territories to our portfolio on a daily basis. At the same time we are always in search of potential new distributors and companies who look to create something that is mutually beneficial for both parties. We also place strong importance in building strong, long lasting ties that benefit both businesses to grow. If you are interested to apply as a trader then just fill out the form in our “trader application” blue button on the bottom.

Market penetration strategy

(For our range of moringa related products) Clinics. Schools. Hospitals. Military. Food feeding schemes. Mining & construction workforce. Prisons. Police. Sports clubs. Religious organizations. 

(For our cannaco CBD related products) Individuals and families. Social services. Hotels, health spas, guesthouses, and holiday resorts etc.

We offer white labeling on selected bulk products

Buy bulk and distribute in smaller units

Unlimited profit margin potential 

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